PRO Social Thinking

PRO Social Thinking

349 West Commercial Street, Suite 2490, East Rochester, NY 14445
585- 678- 1839

What Makes us Unique

We believe that success in life is determined through our relationships at work, at school, in our friendships and within our families. Our goal at ProSocial Thinking is to move individuals beyond the rote memorization of social skills, to using a cognitive decision-making process; thinking about the ways one's words and actions influence others. We teach meaningful strategies in a therapeutic environment that can be integrated into daily routines. We teach the importance of understanding hidden social rules and expected behaviors in a variety of contexts.

Who We Serve

  • People who exhibit social thinking challenges often:
  • Have difficulty interpreting body language
  • Struggle in conversation
  • Miss social cues communicated through eye contact
  • Over-focus on details and miss the big picture
  • Lack self-control or emotional regulation
  • Inattentive and Impulsive
  • Exhibit rigidity in thinking
  • Are inhibited by social anxiety
  • Avoid working and socializing in groups
  • Need assistance learning to understand others perspective