Rochester Hearing and Speach Center

Elmwood: 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
Phone: 585-271-0680 | TTY: 585-442-2985

Greece: 3199 Ridge Road West, Rochester, NY 14626
Phone: 585-723-2140 | TTY: 585-723-3856

Webster: 1170 Ridge Road, Webster, NY 14580
Phone: 585-286-9373 | TTY: 585-442-2985

RHSC is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to providing caring and high-quality services to children, adults, and families for over 90 years. RHSC offers a wide-range of services for children ages birth to five, school-age, and adults that are accessible through the Early Intervention or Preschool Special Education systems, private pay, or billed through insurance. Services include:

  • speech-language pathology
  • special education
  • occupational therapy
  • physical therapy
  • educational evaluations
  • Audiology
  • various developmental groups (e.g., speech groups, occupational therapy groups, parent-child groups, and Early Intervention Enhanced Developmental Groups)

For children ages birth to five and demonstrating characteristics of or diagnosed with autism, RHSC recognizes that no two children with autism are the same. RHSC offers the option between two intervention models in order to provide flexibility in meeting a family's individual needs. Both programs are designed to build a child's functional and developmentally-appropriate skills and work with children and families in their least restrictive, natural environment. Our multidisciplinary teams of providers are intensively trained and value a collaborative approach to autism treatment. The Monroe County-approved, evidence-supported Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program provides individualized and comprehensive treatment through discrete trail instruction, natural environment teaching, and functional behavior assessment/behavior intervention. The SCERTS® Program focuses on individualized, family-centered, and developmentally appropriate approaches to building social competence across meaningful and purposeful activities that naturally occur throughout a child's day.