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The Arc of Monroe County has been providing a variety of programs and services for over 3,500 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families in the Rochester community for over 50 years. The Arc of Monroe County has 40 locations in Monroe County that assist individuals with intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities that include Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorders among others.

Some of our services include: Special Sitters and Transition Coaching.

The LifePrep@Naz program is an interagency campus based program for 18-21 year old students and young adults with intellectual disabilities. The overall goal of the program is for individuals to continue their education while working towards competitive employment. LifePrep@Naz will be implemented this fall of 2011 with a total of 16 students. Nazareth College, in partnership with Victor Central School District and The Arc of Monroe, plans to establish a program with two levels of completion certificates; 3 year Program to be endorsed by Nazareth College and the sending school district, and a 4 year Program to be endorsed by Nazareth College, the sending school, and The Arc of Monroe. The curriculum is created to be inclusive of students. 50% of their time will be with same aged peers without disabilities. The program will include NYS CDOS’ standard as a foundation, experiential vocational opportunities, and individual designed Person Centered Planning. LifePrep@Naz students will also be supported by peer mentors who are Nazareth College Students. Mentors will provide academic support to students and promote the inclusiveness of LifePrep students in the campus community.
For additional information, please contact

Jessica Becker, at (585) 672-2222 or reach out through email, Email

My Time Providers is a home-based respite program providing extra help for families caring for a loved one with an intellectual or other developmental disability. Sitters can provide services in the home or can assist the individual needing care with opportunities for recreation in the community.

Special Sitters provides comprehensive training for the sitters, enabling family members to spend time away from the home, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is cared for by a trained sitter. In addition, Special Sitters are available for other family members in need of care or assistance. Each sitter is thoroughly trained in communications skills, special needs awareness, creative activities, First Aid, and CPR.

A Transition Coach is a FREE service that assists individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families in Monroe County. The Transition Coach will facilitate an individual’s life plan with short and long term goals.

How can a Transition Coach help? The Transition Coach will assist the individual with the following:

OPWDD Eligibility: OPWDD eligibility allows an individual access services through the Finger Lakes DDSO. Service Coordination, Day Services and Residential placement are examples of services available with OPWDD eligibility. To be eligible, an individual must have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability prior to age 22.

Medicaid Enrollment: If you would like to apply for Medicaid services, our Transition Coach will assist you with completing a Medicaid application.