Autism Up (Formerly Upstate New York Families for Effective Autism Treatment, UNYFEAT)

Autism Up (Formerly Upstate New York Families for Effective Autism Treatment, UNYFEAT)

AutismUp,  855 Publishers Parkway, Webster, NY 14450


Our mission is to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families, by expanding and enhancing opportunities to improve quality of life.

The efforts of AutismUp have reached thousands in the Upstate New York area to raise awareness of the Autism Epidemic and to strengthen the abilities and increase the success of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ASD. We provide support and education to individuals with ASD, their families, and professional service providers.

Our Commitment:
To provide support to those who care for individuals with ASD
To identify areas of need for individuals and families affected by ASD
To create and implement social skills education programs for individuals with ASD
To provide community education and awareness regarding ASD
To advocate for individuals with ASD through policy change
To collaborate with community partners to promote the inclusion of individuals with ASD

Our current programming includes:
Spectrum Sibs Sibshops:
Spectrum Sibs is a Sibshop specifically for kids ages 8-12 who have a sibling with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sibshops acknowledge that being the brother or sister of a person with special needs is for some a good thing, others a not-so-good thing, and for many, somewhere in-between. They reflect a belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another — if they are given a chance. Sibshops are a spirited mix of new games (designed to be unique, off-beat, and appealing to a wide ability range), new friends, and discussion activities.

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Summer Social Skills Education Program at the YMCA
I Can Ride, (formerly the Lose the Training Wheels Program)
Exploring Sensations Sensory Integration Program
AutismUp Connections Support Groups
Monthly Speaker Series
Conferences and Workshops
Monthly Family Gatherings
Special Interest Groups include:
Lego Buddies,  Girl Power, & Science Club