Service Coordination

  • Heritage Christian Services (HCS)

    349 W. Commercial Street, Suite 2795, E. Rochester, NY 14445
    (585) 340-2000 | Email  |

    Heritage Christian Services is a thriving nonsectarian human services agency supporting more than 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities through the operation of more than 60 residential homes, service coordination, respite and 24 day habilitation programs. HCS has been designated as a Compass agency by the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities as one of New York State's top service providers. In addition, short-term respite care, offered at Respitewood and Respitelodge, is one of our most highly sought services.

    Heritage Christian is always known for its innovative programs including the Pieters Family Life Center and Expressive Beginnings Child Care in Henrietta, Heritage Christian Stables in Webster, Springdale Farm in Ogden.

  • Sprindale Farm

    Sprindale Farm

    700 Colby Street, Spencerport, NY 14559
    (585) 349-2090 |

    Springdale Farm is operated by Heritage Christian Services and owned by Monroe County. Springdale is a premiere agricultural education facility open to the public, and serves as a day program site for adults with developmental disabilities, who care for the plants and animals, maintain the beautiful farm grounds and welcome over 40,000 visitors each year.

    The farm is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Saturday (enter through Visitor Education Center). On Sundays, open hours are from noon to 4 p.m. (enter through gate near farm house). Last entrance to farm is 3:30 p.m.

    A Second Thought Resale Shop:
    A Second Thought Resale Shop offers men's, women's and children's clothing, in addition to fashion accessories and small house wares. The store is owned by Heritage Christian Services and all sale proceeds benefit the agency's International Ministries, which includes collecting, refurbishing and matching wheelchairs to people in third world countries.

    To learn more visit
    349 W. Commercial Street, in the Piano Works Mall, E. Rochester, NY.
    (585) 340-5730

  • Center for Human Services Education (CHSE)

    The Center for Human Services Education is an education provider for support professionals, families, consumers and the community. CHSE is comprised of member agencies that provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We offer up-to-date training programs to increase the skills of your workforce. All of our programming is designed to assist our members in education, developing, and retaining their employees.

    For more information, call Wendy Quarles at (585) 340-2009.

  • People Inc.

    People Inc.

    People Inc. is Western New York's leading non-profit human services agency. Through a variety of services including residential, employment, community outreach, health care and recreation programs, we help seniors, families and people with disabilities live more healthy, independent and productive lives.
    As an OPWDD Compass agency, People Inc. has been recognized for progressing beyond minimal regulatory compliance and having achieved excellence in service delivery. OPWDD designated Compass agencies engage their entire organization by encouraging service recipients, board members, management, and staff to work together in a person-centered environment with the goal of promoting and achieving valued outcomes for the people served.
    in 1970, a small group of parents and professionals joined together to address the needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and formed what would grow to become People Inc. The agency expanded its mission to include a wider variety of services to address the needs of people with developmental disabilities and disabling conditions, as well as the general public. Over the years, People Inc. has grown greatly in numbers of populations served, spectrum of services, geographic locations, and number of sites.
    People Inc. exists so that individuals with disabling conditions or other special needs have the supports they need to participate and succeed in an accepting society.
    People Inc. is working toward a future where all persons whose needs limit their integration into the community can reach their highest level of human potential as responsible members of society. It is hoped that these individuals will, to their potential, be contributing and active members in their communities, enjoying the greatest possible degree of independence and acceptance, in all aspects of their lives.
    Medicaid Service Coordination- The Service Coordinator assists individuals of all ages with accessing services they want and need. Includes intake/assessment, service planning and coordination, advocacy, crisis intervention, linkage/referral, and follow-up monitoring. Individuals with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries are eligible. Also varies depending on program or services received. All of our service coordinators have at least a 4 year degree in human services field. They also attend 15 hours of professional training on an annual basis.
    Community Habilitation, allows individuals to work 1:1 with staff in their home and in the community to develop skills that they have identified as necessary for them to become as independent as possible.
    Day Habilitation Without Walls (DHWW), allows individuals to work in a group setting with staff and develop a program based on their interests and needs utilizing community resources and facilities
    (Ages 18+).
    IN-HOME BEHAVIOR TREATMENT AND COUNSELING- IBTC allows behavioral support staff to work in the home and community of eligible individuals who are having difficulty. People Inc. uses the Positive Behavioral Support Model as an approach to build relationships between caregivers and individuals and strengthen positive behavioral change far after the behavior support has ended. All staff have at least a 4 year degree in human services field. The staff work with the individual and families to build vital skills and reach valued outcomes as well as teach a caregiver what behavior is, how to understand its function, and learn to adapt to support their loved one.
    In Home Respite, is an "indirect" service that provides relief to individuals who are responsible for the primary care and support of an individual with a developmental disability. When a family member or live-in/house-parent needs a break, respite services can ensure that their loved one's needs are met. In Home Respite can be provided during the day and evenings.
    After-School Respite, provides supervision for children and relief for their parents. Activities are available to kids in a group and individual formats. Special events occur throughout the year.