Sibling Stress-Level Survey

  • Sibling Stress-Level Survey

    Hello, my name is Whitney Pisano and I am a graduate occupational therapy student at Nazareth College. I wanted to reach out and introduce myself along with my partner Julianna Graham. Julianna and I are currently researching the stress levels of individuals aged 18-24, who have a sibling diagnosed with autism. We are seeking participants that fit this criteria to further our research. In order to be a consenting participant, a short online survey needs to be completed. Attached below is the survey link. We will use the results from the anonymous online surveys to compare to the stress levels of similar aged individuals who have a typically developing sibling. We would be so thankful and excited for additional participation!

    Survey Link:

    I also wanted to take this time to provide our contact information if you happen to have any questions!
    Whitney Pisano
    Julianna Graham