ADK Family Camp Retreat 2018

REGISTRATION IS FULL FOR 2018. See you next year!


Session 1 

Sunday, June 24 - Wednesday, June 27

Location: Beaver Camp, Lowville, NY

Session 2

Sunday, August 12- Wednesday, August 15

Location: Beaver Camp, Lowville, NY


Having fun hanging out in the wading area!

Visit our Registration Catalog to secure your spot or contact Jamie Nodine with any questions. Phone 585.371.5018


Pricing for 2018
Rates for all family members includes: lodging, meals and snacks, and activities.

Rates for participants with behavioral and communication needs also includes: around the clock behavioral support, a behavioral support binder with tools, communication tools such as social stories and visual schedules. Respite opportunities for families are also available when needed. Supports are provided by certified professionals in occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, school psychology and music therapy.


2018 ADK Family Retreat costs - 

Individuals with ASD or related disabilities: 
Ages 9-adult - $465.00
Ages 4-8 - $385.00
Ages 0-3 - $310.00
Family members: 
Ages 9-adult - $155.00
Ages 4-8 - $80.00
No Charge for children ages 3 and under