Programs for Children (Ages 4-12)

We offer a range of different social skill programs to support our unique learners.  We follow the lead of the child with their love of music, art, movement, play, and technology to continue to work on the much needed social and communication skills.  When children are engaged and enjoying what they are doing, they are willing to take risks and challenge skill that may be an area of struggle.  Our experienced staff is able to work with parents and is able to quickly assess children to target specific goals for each child.  Although a class is focused on a specific theme, individual children in the class may be working on skills such as:

  • bring part of a group
  • listening to others
  • self regulation skills
  • basic communication
  • making friends

Past programs have included:

  • Music Social Skills Class
  • MakerSpace Programs
  • Minecraft Social Skills Class
  • Pokémon Go! Social Skills Class
  • Zones of Regulation


Please visit our Registration Catalog to view our current program offerings.


Registration Catalog


Music Social Skills Class