Consultation Services

The Family Autism Center offers consultation services for families who want more individualized support.  These services are typically provided at the Family Autism Center unless otherwise specified.  Consultation services are provided by Jen Hackett

Services include:  

  • Tutoring in the areas of reading, writing and social skill development.
  • Diagnostic Assessments including phonological awareness, reading comprehension, and/or basic math skill assessment.  Assessment price includes two 60 minute sessions with the child and one 60 min session with the parent to go over results.  Price includes assessments, a written report, and recommendations. 
  • Behavioral Consultation.  We will create a behavior intervention plan and supports, work along with the family to support implementation of various behavior strategies, and provide parent and family education around behavior supports.  We will provide these services at the Family Autism Center or in your home. 
Please contact Jamie ( for more information on scheduling or with questions regarding services. 

Speaking Engagements -

Jen is also available for speaking engagements and professional development.  Topics include
  • Behavior 101
  • Community Based Instruction
  • Strategies to support individuals with communication and behavioral needs in the home and community
  • Visual supports for individuals with autism
Speaking engagements are billed at a rate of $100/hr.  Please contact Jamie ( for scheduling and availability.