Sibling Empowerment Programs

We provide typical siblings with a safe, fun, and empowering setting to explore what it means to have a sibling with autism and related disabilities. New programming will be available soon.

Contact Alyce Milella for more information:

Phone: 585.371.5018

Sibling Empowerment Group - Ages 8 to 12

This three part workshop provides a safe and engaging environment for siblings to explore what it means for them to have a brother or sister with autism, connect with others with similar experiences and celebrate their own and their sibling’s personal strengths. We use unique hands-on activities and facilitated conversation to tap into a variety of learning style and interests. At the end of the workshops, participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of autism (demystification)
  • Be able to identify both their own and their sibling’s strengths
  • Be a stronger self-advocate and advocate for their sibling
  • Identify a self-care technique that works for them

Sibling Empowerment Group - Ages 4 to 7

Camp Puzzle Peace is proud to introduce a new and unique way to start conversations at and early age and deepen understanding of autism and the sibling relationship. This three part workshop uses storybooks,unique hands-on activities and movement that is high engaging and developmentally appropriate. Siblings have the longest lasting relationship. Starting at an early age to understand differences and similarities that siblings have is a powerful way to support a healthier relationship.


Sibling Outings

After siblings complete our Sibling Empowerment Group, they are able to attend our  outings in the community.  Through recreational and community building activities and facilitated conversations, siblings can share their experiences and feelings with others who understand what it’s like to have a sibling with autism.  Our goal is to create a community of siblings that feel empowered and supported while challenging themselves through activities such as rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and whatever else we can think of!

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"Jen & Sandi approached these sessions with humor, kindness and empathy. We all learned something from the experience. My son's feelings were acknowledged and justified. He was already a great advocate for his brother, but his confidence is greater since the class. It's very hard for a sibling and he needed to know from someone other than his parents that autism does stink at times and it's OK to feel that way. He was explained some of his brothers quirks which he in turn can now explain better to others. We will do the class again." - Kate

"The classes were fun. It helped to meet other kids in the same situation as me, and realize I wasn't the only one who had a brother with autism. We had a lot in common and were able to laugh and share what annoys us and understand it is OK to feel mad. It gave me confidence. I'm better at talking about it now." - CJ

Sibling Outing at RIT
Three of our awesome siblings took to the ice for a Sibling Outing at RIT.