The Community Connections Program

Summer programs for children with social cognition delays have been significantly lacking in the community. Children with these challenges often require structured and direct social opportunities to acquire fundamental social and communitive skills. This includes direct and explicit instruction, as well as practice opportunities that follow a part-to-whole sequence. Cognitive and behavioral techniques are used to help strengthen cognitive and language abilities. Camp Puzzle Peace is excited to provide a replication site for this research based highly effective program.

The daily routine is divided into five 70-minute treatment cycles, with additional time allotted for bathroom breaks, lunch, and Clubs. The 70-minute treatment cycles consist of structured group treatment (social skills instruction), therapeutic activities, and feedback.

This program will run from July 16 through August 10 at Harris Hill Elementary School in Penfield.  Classes will be held from 8:30a-4p and the cost will be $2000 for the session.  For more information, please contact Alyce or Jen.  To register, please visit our registration catalog.